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For those in and around NYC...

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How's the ride of your GC's around here? I know I still have to test drive one to truely find out, but wanted to know from some of you. With our wheel eating potholes around here, how are your wheels holding up? Would you consider the suspension setup to be on the firm side? Opinionated question I know, but would love to hear from you.
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the ride rattles your teeth, especially the first 15k miles until the springs/struts loosen up a bit. but the wheels are holding up great, i have 43k on mine and don't have any rim damage. once, the day after the plows were out, i hit a deep pothole on the belt that put a bubble in the tire sidewall. goodyear made good on the road hazard coverage and replaced it for free.

the stiff sidewall on the runflat tires contributes to the harsh ride. if you switch out to a non runflat tire, the ride will improve.
im from plainview...i do alot of swerving to avoid the potholes but sometimes i do hit them havent damaged a rim or popped a tire yet. i drove on stock n now ebaich n q1as both rides where fine with me.
I drive it like a raped ape and so far so good... long island roads, far rockaway roads, the bronx, manhattan, jersey... every where and no issues yet. 21k on my clock.
Thanks for the responses so far guys!

Ahh the dreaded run flats. One of the best mods I did to my current car is change them out.
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