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I would like to thank all involved with this build from when it started to where it is now!!
HellBent racecars
Hemishop Jim, Brian, Mike and the latest addition Maggie.
AJ hemituner
Arrington Engines
Paramount Performance
Cam at Crank this performance
My brother for having faith in me.
Thank you guys for all you do!!

So the first goal today was to run a 9 second pass on street tires full weigh.
That goal was met on the first pass.made one more run on street tires with more
boost and spun badly after the 60 . Ran 10.02 @ 144 that run

On came the drag radials, brand new with no burnout yielded a 10.04 @ 143.
Last pass Jim did Sick burnout going sideways. Ran 9.86 @ 146.26


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That beast is quick. Sucks I missed it today. Was planning on going. Maybe next time.

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Great job to all involved. Can't wait to see what she can really do once properly quipped!! Should be fun!

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Congrats!! This thing was surely a beast! Awesome truck to watch

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Nice job guys! That thing sounds like a freaken Jet!
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