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finally got one!!!!!

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started out with number 2006 #1839 go-mango charger with a few bolt-on goodies....traded that for a 2006 300c srt8 (silver) with all options, mopar CAI, DS trinity, suitecase delete, machined face w/t black window 22" viper rims....sooooo i'm looking on line for a gcsrt8...find one....good price for a stock one owner car. call the guy up, he tells me its at the shop getting a new o2 sensor put i tell him i'm coming up to look at it...get to the proformance shop..get the keys...crank it.....wait a sec:confused:....this thing has a cam!! so i call the guy at the dealer and said, i think this thing has some work done..can you find out whats been done and where?...guy says yeah and calls me back...."all the work has been done at mayhem motorsports in raliegh nc" i call mayhem (great speed shop) to find out whats been done....comp custom grinded cam, cnc ported polished heads and intake, volant CAI,kooks long tubes w/t hi-flow cats, full 3" magnaflow exhaust, custom damn!!! call the dealer back...i'll take it!! at this time he is pissed that he as marked the jeep at such a low price, but he has to honor it!! long story short...he stalls for three weeks:fight:....i wait him out...the jeep is mine...i love it....and i got to keep my viper alarm,and my viper rims!!! SWEET!!!! you know who's happy?......this guy!!!:alfdance:
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good find and buy!
Awesome!! Nice to hear you already have some mods done.

Nice! Enjoy the new found mods!
Welcome to the family!! Enjoy!
thanks helped me with the buying of my jeep more than you know. I was on here just about everyday trying to find a solution to the infamous kooks long tube header vs o2 sensor battle. they took off the kooks cats, replaced them with magnaflow cats...installed far no CEL. i have wanted a gcsrt8 since i own one. couldn't be happier. now to figure out what to do with the kooks hi-flows...hmmm.
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