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Ok guys, so you all know that we do our very best to offer the best prices at all times no matter what...

For the year of 2012 we've set a very very very large number as far as our annual amount of revenue goes. Now we're on that path as projected, but this month is shy by just a hair. So I decided to take matters in my own hands to promote these last several days of February just to reach that goal.

For the next 5 days ONLY starting today, Demon Performance will offer anything that we carry for 7% over cost. This offer ends Feb 29th at close of business no matter what.

ANYTHING GOES, take advantage of this while you can! Huge savings for small and large items alike!

The best thing to do will be to either PM, email or call with a brand and a part number for the best and fastest response, we have over 700 manufacturers on hand at the moment so the parts are pretty much unlimited.

Check out this link to see what we carry...

The Brands We Carry

Happy hunting guys....

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