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what up fellas, anyone need switches to replace... hmmmmm

whatever the case, i got some switches out of my 2010 SRT8. nothing wrong with them at all. completely flawless operation. figured id throw them up here to see if anyone wanted to pick up a particular switch for whatever the reasons...

what i got for sale:

-Retractable Pedal Switch (model year 2008 and up) ---- $10
-Front Main Window Switch (controls everything inside) ---- $20
-Front Drivers Side Only // Mirror swivel L to R Switch ---- $10
-Front Passenger Window Swtich ---- $10
-BOTH Rear Window Switches (the switches are the same for each side) ---- $5 each
-EVIC Switches L & R (on the steering wheel) ---- $10 each

id like to sell them all at once but that doesnt mean i wont sell one switch to anyone who needs it. ill get photos up soon. prices are not written in stone.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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