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This started last winter when I lost the seat heaters and then realized I also lost the ability to move the seats. I traced it back to the circuit breaker in the driver side fuse box. I bought a replacement and when I reinstalled it, it just started clicking to I removed it.

Fast forward to a month ago when I had the dealership look into it when I was getting my transmission serviced. $500 later (not including the transmission service), I was told the seat heaters on the passenger seat were faulty (another $700 to replace). Odd because they get zero use, but OK, just unhook them and all is good..... Not really. While driving home from a concert (1.5 hrs from home) at some point the 40 amp fuse in the engine bay popped and I lost all power windows/locks/and seats. The next day is when I found the 40 amp fuse in the engine bay popped.... While troubleshooting I replaced the fuse, I get everything back, but then the smell of "burning" not bad but it was there under the driver seat, by this time the fuse would pop. So right now I pulled the circuit breaker that powers the seats and replaced the blown fuse in the engine bay. Power locks and windows work but no more power seats. Looking under the driver seat, I see a bundle of wires going to a large connecter. In that bundle I do see bare copper (yay!!). I'll post a picture soon. My plan is to remove the seat, however it is all the way back, and look at the wire that is exposed and "fix" it.

My question is has anyone felt with this type of issue before? I did a quick search buy nothing came up that was similar to my issue.

Thanks in advance.
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