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elecrtic fan issue

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it doesn't work some times. when it does work it is weak and makes bad noises. I went to a couple sites to order one and it appears it doesn't come with the "resistor". No parts come up other then fan "with shroud" and motor. What else do I need and anyone has part numbers for the mopar version? I'd like to pick it up local and quick but if the dealer is the only option I'll have to go that route.
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resister doesnt come with it. and shroud doesnt either. did you check your fan relays first before jumping ahead on a new fan?
Yeah already upgraded to the 5 pole ones and tried the old ones too.if you heard the noises frOm the fan you'd know for sure too lol
Installed the fan and it fixed the issue, but fyi the dealer doesn't know anything about the resister, or how to order one if it ever fails. They don't have a pic of it on the system and there are no part numbers on it. It is a PW-115 resister though and google does have it as a fan speed controller. I ordered in the fan shroud since it says under item description fan shroud and solenoid but it is just the shroud.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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