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I just wanted to clear up some common misconceptions.

Mustang dynos are NOT 5% lower than Dynojets.

There is absolutely no way of applying any correction factor from one dyno to another. All dynojets are different and therefore it is not possible to have a specific correction factory from one brand dyno to another. If you want to know how much power you make on a dynojet, go to a shop that has a dynojet.

Your numbers are exactly that, a number. Who cares what they correct to, who cares what they "would" have been. At the end of the day, a piece of paper will not change what it runs at the track or how it feels to you the customer.

Dynos are a tool to help tune a vehicle without getting a reckless driving ticket. They can also be used to measure gains assuming all variables are consistent.

In closing, Mustang dynos could be 5% lower, they could also be 15% higher. There is no accurate number other than the delta between the before and after dyno results using the same dyno with the same conditions, the same operator, and the same specifications input into the dyno software. If any of those change, the results will be skewed.

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I just said the same thing to Brad King yesterday when he told me he was emailing me my dyno sheets.

I said I'm more interested in timeslips. You can have a car with over 1000 HP, but if it can't make it down the track, who cares what the sheet says.
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