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Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)Catalyst 1/1 efficiency below required level.

ok so i cleared out the code twice and after a few days both times it pops back up.

should i change the o2 sensors or just take it to the dealer and try to have them replace the cat under warranty? i have 29000 miles.

i guess what i really wanna know is it mostly the o2's that go bad or the cat.....

i hate dealers.....

does anyone have a photo of where the o2 sensor is?

i did some searching but couldn't find to much on this....

Thanks for helping!
If the jeep is still under warranty then I .would.just take it in. If its out .of .warranty then you can jack Tue jeep.up.and tap on the driverside and compare it to the passenger side.and see if it sounds any different. If .not go online and purchase two o2 sensors and replace the driverside sensors, which are on bank 1... They cost 34 bucks each online versus paying 80 bucks each from the dealer... Before you go any further do you have stock headers and cats or do you have aftermarket headers and highflow cats?
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