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when I installed my catch can, I went cheap with the hoses and just got the plain ones. I didn’t like the look, so I covered the with wiring loom and secured the ends with shrink tubing. That’s lasted for 4 years, but I decided to pretty it up a bit.

I found these aluminum hose ends online and decided to give them a try. They’re pretty much regular hose clamps covered with a fancy looking aluminum housing. I measured my hose ends with the wire loom and shrink tube and it was about .88”. They fancy hose ends came in different AN sizes but I went with 12AN which is approximately 1” inner diameter. I thought the 10AN would be too small at 20mm/.79”.

Once everything was put in place, it all looked good… but there was a little wiggle room with the aluminum ends. I’m worried that the ends could rattle from engine vibrations. I either order and try their 10AN fittings or just fill the gap with a little high temp silicon. We’ll see…


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