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On January 15th Diablosport will stop shipping certain part number Predator's due to support now being covered by the new inTune. This includes all models of the Predator related to Hemi Applications (U7135, U7136). After that, what is in stock at suppliers and vendors will be all that is left. All Predators will still have a full warranty. The inTune is a much more advanced, and easy to use, but it also costs a 3rd more, and delivers the same tune. For people not using the inTunes advanced features, the Predator is a much better value for now.

Because of that, we are running a clearance sale untill they are gone on all Predators. The price is $257.95 shipped (plus interface kit if you need one. We have also dropped the prices on many of our packages too that include the Predator!

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