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Diablo tuner help in Colorado

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Hello, I just purchased a 2007 procharged wk1 and have moved it from cali to Colorado. I am looking for someone in Colorado that is a wizard with the Diablo sport tuner to help me retune this to my elevation, I also have three of four supercharger pulleys that I may need to swap to get this beast wrangled and making good power. Right now I read 6psi on the boost guage and would like to run closer to 10. The fuel system and tranny will take 1k per the old owner. Please hit me up if you know a lot about this tuner and or supercharger system at this elevation.
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Unfortunately not many options for diablo here, most use HP tuners at the shops up here. I think there is one in Colorado Springs that may still do it, RMCR I think is the name of the shop.

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