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As part of my laundry list of parts I ordered through Demon Performance, I bought an FTI torque converter. I've always heard good things about them, and Skip assured me that I would have a well mannered converter that would whip into action with ease. Being an overly involved customer, I called up FTI as well to pop-quiz them about what they thought would be best, and then compared notes with Skip. We discussed, put the order in, done deal.

While the converter took a little longer to arrive, which was of no fault of Demon or FTI (shipping company foul-up), it was well worth the wait. This torque converter is amazing. After the Jeep's settled down from being flashed a few times during the tuning process, this converter is amazing. Driving around it's like it's stock, doesn't give any troubles whatsoever; doesn't feel loose...but from a dig or getting on it at lower speeds, this piece just snaps your neck.

Glad I took Skip's suggestion, great product, and as always, great customer service from Skip!

Now get to workin' on an upper radiator hose for us! :D :indifferent:
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