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Tomorrow is Day 3 of our 12 Days of Christmas Sale and we will be offering 10% off all Mean Street Heads which includes Eagles, 6.1, and Apache Heads.

Eagles and 6.1's: $2095 ($1886)

Apaches: $2395 ($2156)

All Mean Street Heads include OEM valves, Titanium Retainers, PSI1511 Springs, Bronze Valve Guides, Machined/Hardened Locators, Viton Seals, CNC Machining, Decking to ensure flatness, deburring of all sharp edges, Newman Epoc Valve Job, and the Apaches include new Valve Seats.

Our Mean Street Heads are used on the following notable vehicles.
Mr Norms Loco Challenger ([email protected])
Hemi-C ([email protected])
1BAMFR ([email protected])
Tout09 ([email protected])
BeeSRT8 ([email protected])
CrazySRT8 ([email protected])
1FST4DR ([email protected])
Legmaker ([email protected])

NA Vehicles and Record Holders for their class
Mondo ([email protected])
TvRob ([email protected])
InferAL ([email protected])

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I don't see the price for the mean street heads?

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1,603 Posts What's the best? And is that 2156 each or together for the Apache?
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