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Corvette LS3 to Jeep SRT8

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Hello everyone first post, and new to the srt8 forums. Well I have a few question for all SRT8 owners and seek any advice, tips, and feedback on the 2009 Jeep SRT8 I'am looking at.

To make a long story short my winter car broke down that I drove in Chicagoland area when it snowed. When it was nice I drove my 08 Z51 Corvette. Well the wife just really doesn't want me doing the whole winter car thing anymore, so off to looking at a SRT8. I can say I have owned a Challenger SRT8, and had for a few months a SRT10. I was always happy with the SRT line.

2009 Jeep SRT8
35k Miles
Link to dealers website

OK, so now onto the meat of the questions. When I purchased the vette I requested a VIS report on the VIN. Basically it checked for any modification to the TCM and various other computer chips that GM has to report. So it basically checked beyond what a carfax does. Anything like that for Jeep? Is there anything I should look for on the Jeep (example: The vette someone said to check below the car to make sure they lifted it properly)?

The bottom line is I'm just looking for things I may miss. I like to have the dealer fix prior to leaving. Of course I will have an extended Jeep warranty after purchase, but being a forum junkie I know there is always recalls, service bulletins, and various issues people have with trying to get "X" dealer to fix something.

Thanks again!
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A few things:

Make sure they changed the t-case fluid at least once since new (most would recommend 10k miles for the first change and every 20k after that for normal use)
Check the front tires for separation on the inside edge
Make them let you take it up to 75 mph to check for the 70 mph vibration

As far as checking for prior tuning, I don't think Chrysler PCM's keep a log of how many times it was re-flashed... I'm sure someone who knows more may chime in.

If it doesn't have a catch can yet, I would highly recommend getting one if you do buy it.

The link isn't working for me for some reason, but I will assume you'll do the standard visual inspection (paint, wheels, brakes, etc...).

You can find some more good info about maintenance and specs here:

Hope this helps and good luck with your purchase! :cool:
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Nevermind, the link is working, it was me that wasn't :p

That looks like a nice clean SRT8 to me, no catch can yet or CAI... either the previous owner kept it stock or switched it back before taking it to the dealer. My guess would be that it hasn't been tuned before.

And an afterthought, while you are at the dealer you should have them activate the "mirror down in reverse" feature if they have a Starscan tool ;)
JKBalkin pretty much listed everything I can think of. Oh, definitely check under the front fascia to see how scraped up it is, a lot of times ppl don't realize how low it is and scrape it on curbs etc. Otherwise, welcome to the forum and good luck with your purchase.
lol... new twist on my screen-name... :D

I think I should take it one step further and make it "JKBallin" :D
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@jkalbin Thanks so much for that info! OK, questions.

1. What are the common reasons for vibration if it does happen?
2. This is the dealers website They only have one Jeep if you want to look.
3. Any recommendations on the catch can?

Thanks again for the detailed post! Really helpful!
Common reasons for the vibration I've seen from trolling the forum for a few years :D

-Lower a-arm bushings are shot (this seems to be the main culprit)
-Front tires are too worn

Catch can, I would recommend Billet Technology. They are a vendor on here and their quality is worth every penny ;)
I would check inside the intake manifold for a bit of oil buildup. It shouldn't be too hard to clean out and will help your engine last longer after you get that catch can ;)

Might want to check the plugs while its at the dealer, there are 16 of them :D
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