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Clunk in front end

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I have an '06 WK Overland with 75k miles, the OME MD lift and 285 BFG A/T's...
There's is a very annoying clunk that I'm trying to pinpoint. I had thought it was the drivers side inner tie rod after having a friend move the steering wheel back & forth and me feeling/hearing the clunk the most when having my hand on the inner tie rod boot. Yeaterday I installed brand new Moog inner AND outer tie rods on BOTH sides of the truck (might as well just do all of them) and it was to no avail...The clunk is still there!

What I'm getting exactly is a pretty good clunk/bang on abrupt bumps/potholes as well as a good shimmy and pulsing in my steering wheel during medium to heavy braking. When braking like that I can actually almost hear the pulsing as well.

Everything in the front end is original besides the obvious OME parts and inner & outer tie rods I just installed and all the front diff bushings I installed a few months ago.

I did also notice that my drivers side strut fork to LCA bushing seems a little worn and sagging in that the strut fork looks like its sitting lower in the bushing and is not centered in the bushing and actually seems to be about 1/8"-1/4" away from actually touching the LCA itself. This could be causing my clunk, but I don't think it would explain the shimmy and pulsing in the steering wheel

Anyone have any ideas?
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honestly put it on a lift..... for easy looking.

make sure everything is tight.

check sway bar good.... trust me.. LOL

and then if you rough housed it a lot in snow, off road or whatever....but if you have a shimmy check that stuff.

good luck, because I know that crap is very annoying!

*my story. I beat the heck out of mine last winter..... and after rocking it, etc...
I thought I busted diff mounts... ordered all that new, and even forced that black
caulky like stuff in the slots to strenghthen and it helped...but also/actually being a loose
sway bar..... I felt dumb.... but anyway... good luck.
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Put it on a lift and see if it does this..... these are 2 different Jeeps. Same issue.

Sorry, I forgot to note that I've actually already replaced all 3 diff bushings and the sway bar mount bushings (not the endlinks) a few months ago
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