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Chrome ported intake manifold

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Ok so i bought a used 2006 srt8 and the manifold and throttle body is chrome is there any obvious way to know if its ported or not from the outside without having to take it off ..??
Sorry im no expert just wondering because i wanna get a cmr tune and i wanna get it right thanx
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Remove your CAI and TB and look inside .
Thanks for the quick reply..
What do i look for inside whats the difference with stock and ported??
Should look smooth , as stock is pretty much grooved up , like rashed up road surface he he .

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Thanx man ill check it out tonight wen i get it bak from the stealership
Take a picture of your throttle body and inside the intake and we can help you figure out what you have.
sure will as soon as i get it back
I love the chrome intake manifolds :D

I bet its ported... A good sign would be if you are using an aftermarket throttle body. Usually people who port the intake manifolds also install a ported throttle body... Not always, but most people do.

Also I think its a good sign that it was chromed too. This is the expensive option, so usually someone who would spend that kind of money to get it chromed would go the extra step and port it out.
Once you put up a few pics im sure we all could tell you if its ported or not.
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