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Cam Shaft & Lifters

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Hi Guys

Unfortunately my 2013 SRT8 is sick and needs some major work. I noticed an awful knocking noise with the engine and immediately stopped driving the vehicle. I had it diagnosed and we found I need a new cam shaft and unknown amount of lifters as we don't have the teardown complete. Def 1 lifter and def a cam shaft. Looking at about $3-4k in repairs. Anyone have any experience with this repair and can shed some light what to expect that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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the truck has 119k on it and has frequent oil changes
Thats a very broad question. Are you doing the work or a shop? That price sounds like you're doing the work. What to expect? Expect to disassemble the entire top end of the engine, and the front of your jeep if you're doing it in the vehicle......
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