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Bwoody 4" CAI Missing Part?

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So I got everything hooked up and I go to put the IAT sensor in and I notice that there is no way to hold the sensore in the intake. Did everyones come with a rubber piece already in the pipe to hold where you would place the IAT sensore? If not how did you mount it? Where did you get the part for it? If I could pick this up at a local store what part should I ask for or do I need to call Bwoody and have them ship out a small rubber piece for me?

Thanks for all the help

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Can you remove the rubber piece out of your stock intake? Its been so long since I did mine I cant recall but I think that is how its done.
From what I remember I think I took the one off my OEM intake.
Your local autoparts store usually carries these GROMMETS. Go to the 'Honda CIVIC section" of Pep Boys, where you can customize a dryer duct into a cold air intake, look up and to the left.

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^ lmao. That's a way to put it.

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