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Any car can be a money pit if its been neglected. I have a 10 and it was very well cared for. Tires will run around 1,500(stay away from the Goodyear's). Replace all the fluids and run fuel injector cleaner which should help it run smoother.

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Hello, I’m new to the forum and looking for help tomorrow I’m going to finalize the deal and make payment (14.5k) for a 2006 wk1 srt8 with 136,000 miles on it. I want to make sure I am paying a good price and that I’m not getting a problematic car and bad deal. Here’s everything I know about it. Any tips would be VERY appreciated. I am looking forward to this as this is a bit of a dream car of mine!! Just want to have as much knowledge on it as possible before I dive in. I have videos of me starting and running it. Overall it felt and drove pretty solid
-is it worth the money
-what would you personally pay?
-how much will I probably have to put into it to get it looking and running nice
-test drove it and runs great overall
-sounds great
-no visible fluid leaks
-clean title
-feels pretty solid and handles well
-more cosmetic issues then anything from what I can tell, no lights up on dashboard
-comes with tune
-3 overall owners but I checked carfax and the first owner only put 6k miles on it second owner put 124k miles
-current owner has had it for 4 years and only put 500 miles on it ( was a project car he never got around to)
-comes with a Paxton 1500 supercharger. I need to figure out if it works though as the current owner bought it off a forum and never used it.

-a little slow to brake (come to stop)
-curb rash
-lots of discoloring/scratches/and paint chips
-bad curb rash on rear wheel
-slight vibration when flooring it or going fast
-horn gets stuck in sometimes and makes horn noise

-upholstery needs work
-feels a little under powered when I was driving it
-possibly needs suspension work
-probably needs all new fluids
-sat for a year
-front bumper needs netting on bottom
-probably needs new tires View attachment 232254
- View attachment 232258
View attachment 232256
View attachment 232257
View attachment 232255
He well I bought a 06 Grey too, last year with 112kMiles for 15k ...I'll say go for itt
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