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Hi all,

Last year I bought an '06 supercharged 6.1 srt8. I did not notice at the time that it was cat-less. I would like to get the jeep back to street legal with as little performance loss as possible.

Major performance mods are as follows:
Vortech V3 SI trim
American Racing long tube headers
3" gibson exhaust

Jeep has a few other mods such as Catch can, BaP, plugs, tune, CAI. Nothing that should affect this topic.
There is a local shop that can custom tune for me after work is done.
I've researched a bit on the internet, but have only found mid pipes w/cat that seem to be geared towards the charger/300.
What worries me is that I had a local exhaust shop take a look at it and he said he doubted there would be anyway to fit cats in with 3" exhaust and supercharged due to space constraints. Would my best bet be to have a new exhaust system installed with cats and tune again?

Sorry my 1st post has to be such a pain, but mechanically I'm in a bit over my head here. I stopped working on cars years ago when I couldn't change the starter out on a Ford Probe myself LOL.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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