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Well, I'm finaly getting back into the swing of things here! First, thanks to all of the sponsors and especially Rob for putting this thing on. It was good to see everyone as usual! Barring a late night trip with Ralph (Jason,) Mike, and Chris to and undisclosed location that was fruitless, the weekend was without incedent! LOL! Sorry Jason, had to throw that in there! :) Wish we had more of these things in this region, but I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Va!

Anyway, truck ran pretty consistently except for one round when it didn't shift into second, and I'm sure cost me the title as I was number one qualifyer by a mile. My passes were all in the 10's as follows... .72, .74, .76, .77, .80, .80, and .81. Well, except for my losing round! LOL! MPH was well down for some reason (3-4 MPH) from testing the week prior, but I suspect my converter/trans/TCM issues are the cause. Those will be remedied very soon and I will hopefully be able to lower the record at the next event before the real heat sets in. The competition should be stiffer at VMP as James and AJ should have their cars dialed in and ready to go as well as some of the other usual suspects. Hopefully I'll be able to keep pace, but I'm affraid I'll have to step up to do so as I weigh so much more than they do. I have a few tricks to use still so we'll see

As usual, and most importantly, I have to thank the boys and girl at LPM. They really worked hard to get three cars finished at the last minute. Wish I could have brought home the trophy for you guys, but unfortnately things happened! As usual top notch stuff out of these guys.

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Glad to hear that you finally recovered Eric! :lol:

Sounds like your 440 is running as strong as ever, and still lifting the front wheels like routine business. Looking forward to see you go for the stroker win in VA!
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