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BMW M5 E60 Pulls on Lamborghini Gallardo on the Highway

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Damn this BMW M5 is a Beast on the Highway!!!! If you look at the comments these guys are saying that the Lambo was not trying, but who really knows...

Check for your self....

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Yeah it dont luk like da lambo trying, cus the camera guy almost past the lambo too.

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I'm not sure if im believing that... If you listen closely at around 45 seconds and up, it dont sound like the lambo is giving it all it has... but who knows...
I'd have to say not trying, the Lambo doesn't jump forward after the three honks & they are suppose to go. Also agree about the cam car passing it.

Yeah, I'm finding it hard to believe. I hear the BMW, but can barely hear the lambo. I've had lambos pass me on the highway cruising and I can hear them coming a mile away. At WOT the lambo should be making some noise.

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Camera car must be a monster too since it kept up with both cars as well. I'm not buying it. Think everyone was in on the gag.
WOW!! THAT BEEMER IS FAST!!!... is that what they want us to think??
Yeah, idk about this... But idk, who knows, looks like the camera car may be some sort of porsche...
No way the lambo is trying. Don't get me wrong, that m5 is FAST. But the car shooting the video is passing the lambo.... Maybe that and the m5 should race.
The Gallardo isn't going for it at all. There's no way an old M5 could pull on one like that much less a Carrera S or 4S which is what the camera guy was in.
That Lambo would smoke that M5 if I was driving the Lambo. Looks like grandpa doesn't know what to do
If a CTS V would walk that M5, then im sure the lambo would.

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Heres what it should look like..

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I smoked a gallardo with my LX with just the stroker/heads/cam/mani and bolt ons...they aren't that should have seen the gap between us when I flipped the switches and sprayed her down...back end got loose on the highway!

Now as far as the video goes, who knows...majority of the lambo owners in this world have trouble getting there cars into reverse let alone know how to drive em lol.
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