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Binding when esp is off? Then Fine when on?

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Hey guys, I tried searching for hours but haven't been able to duplicate the issue with any posts.. Here's my issue :mad:. Whenever my esp is turned off i get this weird "Binding" "grinding" feeling almost like a u joint or slip yoke has gone bad. Extremely noticeable to.. Then when i turn esp on the problem goes completely away.. feels fine and smooth again...
I only feel this feeling when on or off the gas going very slow or taking off, also noticed that it clunks when it downshifts to first before it comes to a stop sometimes.. When tc is on all the issues go completely away and it performs as you would expect.. Any info and guidance would be very appreciated :). Truck is a 08 with 37k on the clock..
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Some noise is normal. Clunking though usually isn't. When you hit the button, the tcase motor engages the front drive more. That's why it's supposed to be turned off if driving in snow for more traction. You're hearing the front drive being engaged. There are no u-joints in 07+ front driveshaft. Only the 06 had front u-joints. When was the last time the fluids were changed? I'd start with a tcase fluid service and front and rear diff service. Good luck.
i think the noise is normal, mine does too and i have heard from others that is normal.
What harrison said, i changed my tcase fluid and both diffs at the same time and the noise/feel went completely away. Start with changing your transfercase fluid and i bet it goes away. make sure to order the fluid online and save some bucks. buy a hand pump from your local auto store to make the job easier. drain, refill, call it a day.
heard the noise but was due for fluid swap. did the front/rear diffs and transfer case. noise is much less noticeable. good to know if it is slightly there its normal
i did both my front diff and my tcase and the noise is still there as the OP described it..
that's just it though there is very minimal noise, its not the noise that bothers me, its the feel, it literally makes me whole jeep shudder and shake.. No exaggeration.. feels like its coming from the rear. then when i turn esp on it goes away. could it be the motor not engaging correctly causing the shudder and grind? maybe a tcm?
No way the TCM could cause this. Like said above, some noise is normal. You ought to hear it at 135mph with TC off.:eek: If the fluid is shit or low, it's gonna exaggerate it more. Start off by changing the fluid. If that doesn't help, rebuild or replace it.
Did you ever get this fixed? I have the same problem. Dealer replaced the TCM, because I was having the shuttering problem when the traction control was on or off....not it just happens when the traction control is off and it happens during hard acceleration. Had tranny fluid flushed.
Check your front drive shaft!! had same problem thought it was tcase then they removed the front drive shaft and replaced it..boom problem fixed!
I am having same issue with my 2010 (65K km's)...what's the fix? I doubt it's just the fluid.

UPDATE: I had my transfer case serviced. They said the fluid was a bit low and somewhat dirty but nothing too glaring in terms of what could be making the sound. Thought it may have helped but the other day as I was going through some snow and the t/c kicked in it made a disturbing clunk sound. Still drives/rides ok now but I think something might be on its last legs.
I'm glad that this seems to be a normal occurance and I didn't just get a lemon.

OP--My symptoms were exactly as you described. Did you ever get your problem figured out? I will probably just start with the fluid, but I would like to hear more about if you got the shuddering taken care of..
Same here... I get the slight clunk sound when coming to a stop in 1st, it comes from the rear somewhere. Every now and then I will feel vibration in the peddle if I go mid throttle at cruising speeds.
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