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A couple weeks after I bought my Jeep, it wouldnt start. Had to jump it, let it run, drive it around, a few hours later, dead again. Dealer puts in new battery. A week later, same thing. Its been sitting at the dealer since Saturday, they said Monday it fired right up. They tested it for parasitic loss, alternator charging, battery strength, everything checks out. They are going to keep it til Friday to see what happens.

Anyone have any idea WTF is going on here? It couldnt have just fixed itself. Is it only draining the battery when i drive somehow? This is a Honda dealer, not a Jeep dealer, but I dont know if Jeep will do anything different. Im really worried at this point that this thing is going to leave me stranded somewhere, not just dead in the parking lot of the office or a friends.

Any insight you guys have would be awesome. Thanks.
Make, model, year ? Take it to a jeep dealer dude, there might be a TSB for your problem. What is a Honda dealer going to know about Jeeps.
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