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Aussie SRT8 owner

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Hi everyone,
My name is Matt. I live in Canberra, Australia. I purchased my 09 Jeep GC SRT8 in April 2010 with 4000km on it. I don't have to tell you what a weapon this thing is, it even surprised me. I drive high performance Holden SS and Ford XR6 turbos and Ford XR8's in the course of my employment so I needed something special to entertain me on my days off. Having previously owned Porsche, Audi, Range Rover, I was pretty hard to impress until I purchased my SRT8 sight unseen. The GCSRT8's are really rare over here (I have seen 2 others in nearly 2 years) as they are AUD$100k brand new and no one knows much about them.
Like any vehicle you have for a while, I am now ready to squeeze a few more kw out of the beast. I have no idea what to do to it, where to source the performance parts from or how much I should be spending. As you could imagine, the parts here are rare and expensive.
I have been told that a diablo tuner and cold air intake is a good start to gain 40 hp. Is there any difference in the output between say a mopar CAI, a K&N CAI and one of the American made ones that are a tenth of the price.
I currently achieve 0-100km/hr in 4.9 seconds. Is this standard and if so, I want more.
This is my first forum involvement. Great to hear from other Aussies and international friends.
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welcome, and as for performance parts it depends what you want. IMO when it comes to modifying these Jeeps there are three different levels. There is an entry level (CAI, Predator Tune, Exhaust, 180deg T-stat, oil catch can), second level would parts such as (cam, headers, custom tune, 90mm TB, ported intake) and the balls out level would be parts such as (turbo/sc, heads, trans, tcase and a ohhhh shit handle :) )....but none of this is engraved anywhere, just giving you an idea of what i think the steps of modifying these jeeps, and the proper way.
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