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Anyway to clean the NAV dvd disc player?

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Hi guys,

Had the '07 SRT8 for a few months now, my NAV was working for about a month before getting a disc read error. At first, I could just take the disc out and put it back in and it would work but not anymore. I thought since it said disc error, my disc might have been scratched(not sure how but I bought the vehicle used) so I burned a copy to try it and it still wouldn't work. Next I tried meeting up with a friend who had the same disc to try and still no go. Can I use a dvd disc cleaner or something to try and clean the inside of it? Not sure even if there is something available. Any thoughts or suggestions? I don't want to fork out all that dough to get fixed or even get a replacement(although that would give me an excuse to get the newer mygig ones, haha). Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Check The Source for a dvd cleaner disc. which will probably be your cheapest option. It'll either work or it wont. I don't believe the mygig will be compatible with your vehicle.
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