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Anybody notice these yet? Add 55whp to your 2012 SRT8!

Browsing some of the vendors' websites and I noticed these:

BWP Apache Dominator Heads for 6.4L Hemi
[bwpdomheads] $2,450.00

BWP Apache Dominator Heads for the 6.4L Hemi ported by Hartsock Racing are for more serious performance and a larger cam and free flowing exhaust.

Gains up to
55whp just bolting on with no cam!!

We have an
ECU relash for these heads for the 2012 Jeep SRT-8!!

The BWP Dominator Heads have a full port on both the exhaust and intake with full bowl work, chamber smoothing, and full chamber work.

These heads utilize a new spring, guide, and seals with the option of upgrade valves, bigger springs, and raised or lowered compression with combustion chamber work. please call the shop for options.

Benefits and Features

Gasket matched

Full port of the bowls
Lapped valves
New seals
New bronze guides
Re-surface head
PSI valve springs
Titaium retainers
Hartsock Racing comp 5 angle valve job with matching seats
And a full list of available options

Shouldn't this be HUGE? It's been kind of quiet, haven't heard anything about this. There's been a lot of talk about exhausts/intakes, but nothing about these. New heads for the WK2 Jeeps, plus a ECU reflash! :eek:

This seems like a major development, way ahead of anybody else. 55whp seems like a BIT optimistic, but who knows? Maybe the stock heads on the new 6.4 really just suck. That amount of power would put the new 6.4 back on par with the 392 crate motor. Need some answers/analysis from the smart guys on this forum.

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I suspected they were 1st gen 6.4 heads, but the thing that surprised me is the ECU reflash remark, aimed specifically at the 2012 Jeep SRT8's. With all the new ECM encryption trouble, they somehow figured out a way to reflash just for these heads?

If so, anyone with a Gen2 who really wants to start engine modding, could. That would be a significant amount of +hp. Add a CAI on top of it, and it might really wake up a WK2.

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There aren't any tuning options for the WK2's yet, I would be HIGHLY suspicious of someone claiming that they has a flash for it.
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