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RB rotors are heat-treated (internally), and coated with EDP black paint to protect them from getting rusted especially under a harsh environment. So they are highly resistant to not only on wear but also to corrosion.

Customers from street driving to track racing have found RB offers the most durable brake products (not just rotors*) in the automotive industry. The initial purchasing cost appears higher than conventional 1 piece rotors, but if you plan to keep your car for long, after factoring in the maintenance and replacement costs our rotors are actually cheaper in additional to the performance gain.

* Our caliper rebuild program is the #1 favorite in Porsche tracking community. After replacing our stainless steel pistons, seals, and boots (high temp.) Porsche's OE Brembo calipers run cooler, more efficient, less components, and last longer. No more torn or burnt out dust boots. We are glad to report that not one single complaint since we started shipping rebuilding components 6+ years ago.
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