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Hi all. 2008 wk1 much loved.Had a look through previous posts on subject to no avail..please help . I have an existing problem with valve stem seal cyl # 6. Misfire on cylinder 6 code so engine light is usually on until I can get it fixed (another story). So on start up engine light is on but as I put the car into drive go around 30 metres all the lights come on including the park brake warning (even when not on.
the other day changed the spark plugs of #6 cylinder, topped up the oil n changed air filter. But since then I’ve had the warning light drama. The Jeep drives as expected a bit lumpy.
On a side note my mechanic who Is a friend retired I’m having trouble finding a reliable and fair priced one in Sydney Australia as a lot of people have said they would change my valve stem seals start on it n give up.
so again any help would be greatly appreciated Steve webster (Sydney Australia)
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