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Aeromotive Pro-Series fuel pump

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With the new motor, I wanted to upgraded the fuel pump too... :D

For sale (Complete package only), includes shipping in the lower 48.


Aeromotive - Pro-Series fuel pump #11102

Aeromotive - Pump Speed Controller # 16306

Auto Meter - Tach Adapter # 9117


11102 - Pro Series Fuel Pump

Designed for crazy horsepower, its hard to find a more powerful, higher flowing, in-line fuel pump anywhere. Engineered for high-horsepower racing engines, this beautiful pump features our innovative “dual chamber” pump design.

Fuel injected engines:
up to 2200 HP – naturally aspirated
up to 1700 HP – forced air induction

• ORB-12 inlet and outlet ports.
• Beautifully plated with our electroless nickel process.
• Two ORB-12 / AN-12 Male adapter fittings included.
• For EFI use regulator P/N 13110, carbureted P/N 13202 or P/N 13212
• Perfect for “blow-through” carbureted engines up to 2000 HP.
• Fully submersible for custom, in-tank placement.
• Billet Speed Pump Controller (P/N 16306) recommended for EFI street applications.

16306 - Billet Fuel Pump Speed Controller

For any pump, on any type of vehicle, the Aeromotive Fuel Pump Speed Controller (FPSC) minimizes fuel heating and vapor-lock problems by matching the duty cycle of the fuel pump to engine RPM. At low demand, the FPSC slows the fuel pump down, reducing the chance of suction side cavitation and vapor lock. When demand increases, the FPSC returns the fuel pump to 100% duty cycle for maximum flow. It’s like an automatic transmission for your fuel pump.

• LED indicators confirm correct ignition signal hookup, verifies activation of the manual override circuit, and indicates when the circuit is providing full voltage to the pump.

Avoid any device that reduces voltage to your fuel pump. Low voltage will destroy a 12V DC motor. The Aeromotive FPSC does not reduce voltage! The FPSC emits a pulse modulation signal that is harmless to the pump’s motor.

• A solid-state transistor circuit, rated up to 40 amps, replaces the relays recommended in most fuel pump electrical circuits.
• Adjustable, full-speed RPM threshold.
• Billet 6061-T651 aircraft aluminum housing, protected with a beautiful bright dip black anodized finish.

Auto Meter 9117 Tachometer Adapter

Need to install a tachometer in your late model distributorless vehicle? Auto Meter has the solution. These tachometer adapters are designed for vehicles with coil-over-plug ignition systems, and other late model vehicles where no tachometer output or signal wire is available. Enables any Auto Meter standard ignition tachometer, Pro-Shift Lite, or RPM activated module to be used on distributorless ignition vehicles.

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Is this like a complete fuel hat or just the pump with the accessories Brian ?
Is this like a complete fuel hat or just the pump with the accessories Brian ?
All components from GDCARMA, but individual components.

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