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4 almost new stock good year run flats

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Whats up guys....
I have a full set (4) front and rear stock good year run flats for sale they have around 1,800 miles on them ....looking to get 1000.00 for the whole set ....or best offer
Let me know if anyone is interested...willing to ship.....
Will get pics up tomorrow
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common boys and girls.....900?
are you willing to let just the fronts go?
only if i have a taker for the rears.....
they are practically brand new....
sounds good.
Price policing post REMOVED!!!

what does this mean?
i have tires i want to sell......
if you have them when I get my tax return I'll take them off your hands
what does this mean?
i have tires i want to sell......
You didn't do anything wrong. There was a post that was price policing your asking price and it was deleted.

ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! got ya bernie...thanks
hey srt4eh i can wait for u not a long as i know you want them....i don't drive my jeep everyday so the tires will still be in mint shape for u by me and we can trade info....
$900 is a good deal man..................... for all 4
yup all 4 and not only that they all still have road hazard warranty from GOOD YEAR....
I would be interested in the rears if you split them up, contingent if they are as described.
And i'm up in Hoboken,NJ $400 for both
still for sale guys....
i will split them up and don't mind shipping at all but i need 900.00 for the that would be 450.00 for a pair....

Still have um? PM me and I'll give you my number I'd like to have um.
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