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Hello everyone! I’m DJ!

Recently joined so I am new to the forums so I appreciate any feedback.

Yesterday I noticed some type of “stain” in the paint on my SRT. I am unsure on how to accurately explain it so I have attached two photographs. I have tried buffing it out by hand using some compound with no success.

Possible paint defect?

It is a small issue that only I notice although now I am curious if any other fellow SRT owners with silver metallic noticed such a flaw in their paint.

Any recommendations for making it disappear? Would paint protective film possibly hide it? Perhaps take it to a professional detailer to see if they can make it disappear?

Thanks for any feedback!
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Are you the original owner?

It could have been in an accident and the fender was not paint matched good.

Looks like a blurry spot but hard to tell by the pictures.

Try wet sanding it with like 2000 grit just lightly and then buff it back out with compound and see if it was just in the top layer of the clear coat.

Or best bet take it to a real detail shop and see what they think.
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