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There is a long list of required parts.

68335438AC - Front Bumper Cover (Replaces Item # 68335438AB)
68335662AA - Front Absorber
68272344AA - Right Fog Lamp Grill
68272345AA - Left Fog Lamp Grill
5YB26DX8AA - Right Fog Lamp Bezel
5YB27DX8AA - Left Fog Lamp Bezel
6511162AA - Spring Nut (Qty 30)
68090949AA - Screw (Qty 30)
68299199AB - Left Spat
68299198AB - Right Spat
6500911 - Plastic Rivet (Qty 8)
6507669AA - Push Pin (Qty 8)
6JW97DX8AB - Center Applique
68299060AB - Air Inlet Duct
5YB31DX8AB - Lower Bumper Applique
68264308AA - Tow Hook Plug
68034329AA - 1/4 Turn Retainer (Qty 2)
68225214AA - Clip (Qty 15)
6105220AA - Screw (Qty 4)
6509481AA - Screw (Qty 2)
6JV48DX8AB - Outer Grill
68264296AC - Inner Grill
68264285AA - Right Honeycomb Grill
68264286AB - Center Honeycomb Grill
68264287AA - Left Honeycomb Grill
5ZL71TZZAA - Grill Rings (Unpainted)
5182391AB - Grill Reinforcement
68335645AB - Left Fascia Support Bracket
68335646AB - Right Fascia Support Bracket
68203529AD - Steering Gear Guard Skid Plate
5ZL72DX8AB - Right Headlamp Washer Cover
5ZL73DX8AB - Left Headlamp Washer Cover
68349870AA - Right Headlamp Washer Bracket
68349871AA - Left Headlamp Washer Bracket
68272334AA - Right Front Wheelhouse Liner
68272335AA - Left Front Wheelhouse Liner
68335658AA - Lower Radiator Air Baffle
68272332AC - Belly Pan
68264295AB - Center Fascia Grille
68264307AA - Adaptive Cruise Control Beze

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I got a quote for the turnkey kit, install and paint. It runs about $2,600 with install & paint being $900 of that with one of my go to shops. I'm not even touching it myself for that. Considering you could net over $500 for the existing bumper cover and other parts removed from the recipient SRT, assuming it's in good condition, that's around a $2k investment and well worth it in my opinion. I'm restoring a 2000 XJ right now with my son otherwise I'd have this underway now.
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