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Hey guys so I am finally parting with my ‘14 SRT... I have spent so much time and money that it is killing me not to get to use it very often. I am out of state with work constantly and bought a Track Hawk last year so it just never gets any attention. It is Whippled with meth, forged rods and pistons, and a Fore dual pump fuel system making 700hp to all 4 wheels (yes it is much faster than my stock track hawk). All recent work and tuning performed by Bailey’s Hyperformance in Fort Worth, TX. A new rear diff was also installed earlier this year. It was my daily first so it’s not perfect but is in really good condition. The only thing that lets it down is the dash leather. Mopar is going to fix it under warranty and the parts were ordered at the beginning of the year but they are on back order until at least October. I am selling it for $35k just to get it to a new home. It is a great price for what I have invested in it and I will not take less. It’s just priced to sell quickly. Please don’t ask how much I spent out to this point...😢. Also if you have to ask what kind of gas mileage it gets then it is not the vehicle for you lol. I wanted to post it here first, but I will put it in the Facebook group and “bring a trailer” in the next couple of weeks. I’m in California for work at the moment so I only have some recent outside pics that a friend took for me. I will try to get some other pics up as soon as possible. Please PM me and I can give you my email/phone number.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
Horsepower: 700hp to all 4 Wheels
Price: $35,000.00
Location: Coppell, Texas
Title: Clean
Mileage: 58k
Color: Dark Cherry Red Metallic
Wheels: 20” WK1 Clones
Interior: Black Suede
No Sunroof
Carbon trim replaced by Mopar under warranty.
Audio: Harman Kardan (w/console CD player.


Tuning: Bailey’s Hyperformance (Fort Worth)

Engine: Manley Forged Drop in Rods and Pistons from Arrington.

Heads: Stock with ARP Head Studs

Camshaft: Comp cams

MDS Delete

Spark Plugs: LZTR7AIX -13

Throttlebody: Hellcat ported and polished

Fuel injectors: DeatschWerks 95lbs Part#17U-00-0095-8

Fuel System: Dual pump Fore system

Supercharger: Whipple 2.9L Competition
Pulley: 2.875”

Lower balancer Pulley: innovator’s West harmonic balancer.

Methanol injection

Exhaust: ARH 1 7/8” Headers and catted mid pipes. Corsa Catback.

Transmission: Stock

Transfer case: Paramount

Driveshaft: DSS Aluminum

Rear Diff: New Mopar installed early 2020.

Catch Can: Arrington


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Hey guys thanks for all the interest but the Jeep has been sold... The first person to contact me picked it up yesterday. I hope he enjoys it and gets lots of good info from this forum Just like I did.
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