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2014 Jeep SRT $33,000
105,xxx miles
Had the lifter problem in October of ‘19 when the truck had around 85k miles

-HHP performance cam package that comes with the comp 270 cam and upgraded springs and non MDS lifters. I also got the upgraded pushrods from them.
-Corsa exhaust with bronze powder coated tips
-Davis Unified ignition coils(45850) from Summit Racing.
-Hemifever tune on it.
-aftermarket power folding mirrors
-eagle eye tail lights(I also have the OEM tail lights)
-truck originally had the CD player in the center console bin but I replaced it with the empty center console(still have the original CD player console)
-vinyl wrapped the chrome window trim black. The wrap on the far back window isn’t perfect but I do have the CRUX MOTORSPORTS WINDOW CHROME DELETE kit that I never got around to put on
-truck has the CLStech DRL mod. The bumper light strip wrapped with yellow film.
-Has an apple mag safe charging pad in the front center bin
-the carbon fiber trim wasn’t in good shape so it has black trim pieces over it now
-305/35/22 vredestein tires on it now. They’re pretty worn though. See pictures
-22x10.5 concavo CW5 wheels with curb rash. One cracked a year ago. Got it welded and hasn’t leaked
-also included are the factory spider monkey wheels(Toyo proxy st2 tires) that are powder coated bronze
-spare gloss black replica spider monkey wheel on the same tire also included
-push start button kill switch also installed
-truck doesn’t have trailer hitch but at has the cover that says SRT
-most of the interior trim is painted black
-19 speaker sound system
-backlit SRT steering wheel air bag

-front park sensors don’t work
-service 4wd message and traction control light have been on for a while but never have gotten it checked out since truck runs normal
-ACC/FCW service required message so cruise control doesn’t work
-windshield is cracked
Wheel Tire Car Sky Vehicle
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Cloud Car
Wheel Cloud Sky Tire Land vehicle
Tire Cloud Car Sky Wheel

*I have the OEM blacked out Jeep emblem also
Car Vehicle Speedometer Gear shift Light
Speedometer Odometer Plant Trip computer White
Gear shift Speedometer Car Radio Gauge

Car Vehicle Mirror Wheel Motor vehicle
Mirror Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive mirror


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