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2012 SRT8 NAG1 and a valve body...

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Just wondering, since I have not seen anything mentioned about this... as I understand it the NAG1 in the 2012's is the same as that of the 2010's, no?

If that is the case, should one of Bill's kick butt valve body's be thrown in the mix with the likes of KingMonkey's CAI and exhaust? Might be worth a 10th or two.

Just thinking out loud :D
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I was having this same thought this morning on my drive to work. I assume it should work?

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Will it work?.There's not much experimenting going on it's like vendors dont have one to test
maybe someone should PM builderbill? Doesn't he know his stuff on these trannys?
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I don't think it would work because the transmissions in the WK2's are calibrated 10x differently than the 2010's. Just my .02
On another thought, I'm curious as to what's been done to the NAG1 tranny to support the extra power for the 6.4 on the WK2? I thought with the model number the WA580 it's 580 nm or ~430 lb/ft of torque max.

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Someone posted that they are exactly the same as the WK1 just different programming, Resume maybe.

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