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2012 SRT8 Headrest removal?

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Hello you all, PRINCE is back on the forum since 2009. I traded in my 2006 SRT8 Black/Grey interior just before Christmas as a Chrsitmas present for my better half. While we enjoyed our 06 SRT8 very much since we bought it brand new in 2006, we wanted to move onto the new 2012 SRT8 for reasons previuosly mention by you all. By the way, I must say that we never had any problems with our 06 SRT8. We had to replace new tires on it and that was it. Nothing major/minor mechanical or electronically went wrong with our Jeep during 6 years of ownership and we were quite pleased with it especially never owning a Jeep before the SRT8. This Jeep reminded me so much of my 1992 GMC Typhoon but a lot faster.

Anyway, we decided to part with our 06 and purchased a 2012 SRT8 Mineral Grey which is a very nice color by the way when seeing it in person. I wanted a different color other than black this time around. Black is beautiful but it was time for another color. So far we have 700 miles on it and all we can say is Wow! It is a day and night comparison to my 06. It's more automobile, luxerious, comfortable with all the bells and whistles and in my humble and personal opinion is just as fast as my 06 I must say by just the feel of it thuss far. I will find out soon enough after the break in period.

Anyway, I wanted to ask the Forum members if anyone knows howto remove the front headrest on the 2012 SRT8 so that I can install the black sheep skin covers I took off my 06 Jeep. These sheep skin cover inserts use the head rests to hold the top portion of the sheep skins in place. On the 06 SRT8 it was a breeze to take the head rests off because there was a clip on the side of the headrest that you just push in and the head rest comes off.

On the 2012 SRT8 however, there is a clip that allows you to move the head rest up and down but no clip on the opposite end like the 06 that would allow to to remove the headrest completely off.

Any suggestions or input is greatly appreciated.

Aloha - Prince
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