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2012 SRT 8 take off wheels and Tires 20"

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Selling my Stock 2012 Jeep SRT8 20's set of 4 20 X 10 with 295/45/20 Pirelli Run Flates

wheels are in california and can ship anywhere in the us/can

note wheels/tires has about 400 miles on them and are perfect..........
tire sensors are not included.........

Price $2000.00 plus shipping call Steve
cell# 707-372-5488

I just checked the price for these tires new from tirerack, Holly SHIT!!!! the tires alone are over 2k
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Do you know if I can put non-run flats on those wheels?

Would you sell the wheels only?

Aren't the sensors inside the wheels as part of the stem? If so, I assume they aren't scratched?
selling the wheels and tires as a set, i need the sensors for my new wheels.....
and the wheels are perfect.........
I'll take them. PM sent.
Ok I'll look for it
SOLD to krek >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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