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2012 SRT 8 center caps

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I have a set of Billet Tech SRT 8 center caps that my wife bought for me last year. They were supposed to be for my Jeep at the time, but she orderd the wrong size. They do not do returns. The caps will fit the 2011/2012 SRT wheel they measure 2 1/2" they are still new in package only one was opened. I lost the screws so you will need them. They cost at the time $120. I will sell them shipped for $75. I have not been on forum much lately so give me a couple days to reply. I will try to monitor more closely. Thanks


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Will they fit an 06 with replicas? I don't have the wheels yet or I'd know.


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I am not sure they measure 2 1/2" you would have to check.
WK1s use the 2" caps.

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