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Hi everyone!!! I am pleased to announce the "2012 Eastern Iowa Leukemia Car Show".

The event is set to take place April 21st, 2012 from 9am to 3pm. Please pass the word around!!! All makes and models are welcome. We will have a Mobile Dyno on site, $60 for three pulls, a controlled burn out contest, a 'Piston Toss', now how far do you think you can throw a big block piston?

Here is the official event Flyer:

2012 Eastern Iowa Leukemia Car Show Flyer

Here is the official event Registration Form:

Event Registration Form

The DYNO is going to be fun!! Here are a few videos I shot a few years ago at an event I had a Dyno:

Dyno Pull

Dyno Pull 2

Please pass the word around!!! We will have a blast!!!! All Mopars have to attend!!!! If anyone has any questions post em up!!!

See everyone on April 21st!!!

The events address:

Nordstrom Direct
7700 18th Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Click here to see the map:


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so I am coming this Saturday and should be leaving around 4am but am going to trailer the jeep to your location then drive it the rest of the way. would you have somewhere i can park and leave a truck and trailer?


My wife and I will be going up as well. Give me call on my 515.991.1256 to figure out details.

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