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I have a 2012 that has about 120K miles on it. I am second owner, had it for 6 years now. Overall this has been a really great vehicle. It has been pretty reliable, most maintanence is has been to address consumables and normal wear and tear.

Our city has some of the worst roads in the nation and the jeep has been a daily driver. It has started to have all kinds of clunks happening and it is likely time to go ahead and rebuild the suspension and drivetrain mounts.

Here is what I have done so far:
4 new shocks- the expensive factory ones- about 4 years ago
New motor mounts- 1 year ago

I have a shop and my tech looked at everything and there is nothing out of the ordinary on visual inspection.

No matter- it is time to pretty much replace all the rubber stuff and moving parts that tend to wear.
I dont really care about going with hi performance stuff besides possibly upgrading to poly bushings.
But I do appreciate well made aftermarket parts and want to get something that is a quality level above the Napa stuff.

I want to go through it all and just get it all done at once. I plan to keep the vehicle for at least 2 or 3 more years.

Appreciate some advice on what exactly should be replaced- that is are there unique bushings and rubber parts that typically wear out? I plan to get new front and rear diff bushings and ball joints and transmission mounts. What else should I get and what supplier has the best quality if I want to go a level above Napa parts?

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