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Need Help Please!

I spent yesterday researching and the closest thing I found was this very old thread from 2012. It didn't tell the ending of the story... not expecting much out of my reply to the dead thread: Steering wheel R.I.P. electrical help needed

I also found a YouTube video of a guy with a rubber mallet able to get his turn signals working by hitting the steering column. Didn't work for me, btw :).

Notes: The headlights are permanently on, seemingly in a safety fault mode considering the issues with the controls below. Same for the instrument cluster lighting, albeit displayed at the lowest dim/brightness level and it can't be adjusted.

  • Turn signal stalk lever does not work when moved up/down. No turn signals.
  • High beams positions don't work when pushed forward/back. No high beams.
  • None of the controls work on the left stalk: Headlights/parking lights/fogs/dash dimmer. Lights are permanently ON but can't be turned off by the controls.
  • Wiper/washer right stalk positions and all controls on it don't work either. No wipers/washer for front or back.

  • Hazard lights controlled by the hazard button on center of dash ARE working fine. Light circuit is ok.
  • All steering wheel controls in FRONT of the clock spring are working as expected. Radio controls on both sides, both EVIC control buttons, all working as expected. No airbag warning light.
  • Cruise Control lever on/off button seems to work as "cruise" displays on the EVIC screen.
  • There are no dashboard warning lights or anything out of the ordinary.

I checked and replaced both #16 and #20 fuses. Neither were blown.
#16, 10 Amp Red SCM (Steering Control Module), Cluster, OBD (Diagnostic connector) (B+)
#16 (2010), 10 Amp Red Upper and lower i/p switch bank, Cluster, OBD (Diagnostic connector) (B+)
#20 (2010), 10 Amp Red Steering Column Control Module (SCCM), Cluster (R/S), export models Trailer Tow

9 months ago the clock spring was replaced due to an errant airbag indicator light that would not pass inspection.

All of the current issues seem to be with controls that are BEHIND the clock spring that are part of the left and right multi-function lever stalks. Almost as if whatever they plug into has gone bad. I watched a video on removing the steering wheel and replacing a clock spring integrated with these stalks and there were a few different wire plugs. Does anybody know what each of these plugs is for? What are the "shared" parts or wiring between the left and right control lever stalks as BOTH are not working?

Does anybody have experience with this issue?
Does anybody have an assembly diagram illustrating the components and parts involved?
What is right nomenclature to use in referring to these components? I've seen SCCM mentioned, SCM, Front Control Module (FCM), other??? What do I call it?? What is shared/common between both levers?
Does anybody understand electrical components involved starting from the steering wheel controls, through the clock spring, back through these two stalks and into any downstream wiring harnesses or components?
Any other fuses or relays to confirm beyond #16 and #20?

I'd like to diagnose things before giving in and taking it to a shop or the dealer.

Thanks in advance for any help or troubleshooting thoughts.

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Update: Easy/cheap workaround I found is to unplug/replug the wire harness to the turn signal stalk that is accessible under the removable plastic covering on top the steering wheel assembly. This resets everything and it works correctly. Issue has returned twice in the past year. Workaround is fine as a temp fix.

I purchased a replacement multi function turn signal stalk however I'm unable to remove the deeply set bolt under the steering wheel to access the stalk's mount screw....haven't had time to track down what's needed to remove that bolt.
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