Model:Grand Cherokee
Mileage:157000 M
2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
  • 6.1 Gen3 Hemi 157K
  • Mishimoto 180* T Stat
  • Aluminum Catch Can
  • Diablo Trinity T2 Tuner / Data Logger / LIVE Data Monitor.
  • Custom Made Dash incorporating Data Monitor.
  • Diablo Custom Tuned with SAFE Data Logs
  • Custom SPEC FORD GT500 Hood Louvers
  • Amsoil Oils throughout. Engine, Trans, Axles
  • New Front and Rear Suspension
  • New Polyurethan Front Sway Bar Bushings.
  • New Power Steering System
  • New Front Wheel Hubs
  • New Upper and Lower Control Arms with New Ball joints
  • New Brembo Brake Calipers w/ Power Stop Pads
  • Power Stop Drilled and Slotted Rotors
  • Eibach Lowering Springs Front and Rear
  • New Front Struts and Rear Performance Shocks
  • Staggered 275/315 Toyo Proxes ST3’s on Plasti Dipped OEM Wheels.
  • New Mopar Starter
  • New Optima Battery
  • New Drive Pulleys, Belt and Tensioner / AC Compressor
  • New Dual Use Power Steering and Transmission Cooling System.
  • Car Cover
  • Set of Performance Bullet Mufflers
  • Plug In Engine Block Heater
The items listed below were removed by me. If you are concerned or not comfortable without these items… Do NOT inquire about the SRT.
  • NO RADIO SYSTEM – Removed 30 Pounds of parts. Aftermarket junk speakers, and a Stock Head unit. Removed for Weight.
  • NO AIR CONDITIONING. – AC Sucked! I removed ALL components. Lines, compressor, etc. GONE.
  • NO PARKING BRAKE ASSEMBLY. – Rear Tab on backing plate broke, Never used it. GONE.
  • NO REAR SWAYBAR. – Removed for Weight.
  • NO REAR WIPER or WIPER MOTOR. - Removed for Weight.
I have owned this SRT for a few Years. The body is BLACK and has it’s issues here and there for a 15 Year old vehicle. Scratches, dings, rust bubbles in the rear door jams, Paint is by no means perfect. I have descaled the underbody removing the undercoating, recovering everything with black rust preventive paint.
Mechanically this thing is truly perfect. . I drove this 200 Miles Round Trip to the Drag Strip and home and went consistent 8.25 in the 1/8th Mile. This jeep could be driven year-round. Heater works well. Handles like it’s on rails. Stops on a dime. 4WD is AMAZING. Pulls VERY hard for a stock Engine. Never goes over 187* Temp at any point in time. … Extremely loud. Very fun to drive.
Power everything, Heated Leather Seats, Mirrors, Sunroof, Reverse Alert System. Air Bags Front and Side. ABS, Etc….