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'08 SRT. What would you do?

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It's felt like spring around here for the last week, so I guess I'm feeling a little anxious!

As the title suggest, I bought an '08 SRT8 back in March of '11. Bone stock, except the previous owner slapped a K&N filter into the stock intake and called it good. I'm looking to finally get a few upgrades/mods to the truck, just not sure where to begin.

The first question is always cost. When I first got the Jeep I was looking at shipping it off to go the turbo route, but my conscience (damn him) told me it would be wise to save more for a down payment on a house. That said, I still have capital I feel comfortable investing into my Jeep.

In your opinion, what 'price breaks' are there to break into different categories? For example: If my budget is around $5,000 (which it is), is it worth spending that much - or does that put me on the cusp of really needing to shell out the extra for an engine rework and FI? I guess I should be clear, this is a daily driver and I don't have any aspirations of winning any 1/4 mile trophies. I just love the way it drives, and would like to maximize on that potential.

I'm not the most mechanically inclined person out there, and there is a lot about cars that I don't know - which is why I'm here asking questions. I don't want to dump money into this jeep without a clear thought process; I'd like everything to make sense. I'm not against a 'linear upgrade' either, where I can upgrade various components from year to year without running into any waste. Not going to lie, I'd LOVE to have a Turbocharged SRT8 - it just sounds like driving bliss.

What would you do to a bone stock '08 JGCSRT8 with your knowledge?

Vendors, please feel free to sell something to me... that's why I'm here!

Thank you for reading,

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You could do heads, cam, and headers to start n later put a blower in it.

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Supercharger. In your price range and it can be reversed instantly whenever you want. Other good option is heads/cam which gets close to that price range depending on set up (labor typically is somewhere around 1000 unless you have a good hook up) but that of course involves breaking into the engine etc.
with that kind of budget its hard to get a Turbo set up, BUT you can def get a nice Supercharger Kit get a tune and let it Rip. The 6.1 engine is not very restricted so with a few PSI's you will make good power. Once you save more money then get a cam, headers and exhaust.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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