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did these as a practice pair. came out good but after being tossed around there are a couple scuffs chips, etc. would be great as a spare or to sand down and start over with. that said, theyre priced to sell at $70 OBO plus shipping

raised the price to $70 OBO because after i compounded and polished these theyre worth too much to sell for $50. still half the price of what i wanted originally. if you cant tell by the pictures ill let you know exactly where the scuffs or chips are. really not as bad as i had thought originally.

also have my laredo window trim (doors only). self explanatory. no bends but i THINK a little tab may be broken on one or two of them. no issues with them staying attached or in place so thats a non issue.

asking $50 OBO plus shipping

taillight photos are BEFORE i polished them. they look 80% less hazy than they are here.

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