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Hey guys,

sorry for the commosion, but i got my bright silver wk2 srt8 jeep at the 15th.

its like ur the only one of your kind in the streets.

everyones just crazy about how it looks in person its way much more beautiful in person.

and i get stopped alot and asked about where i got it and how much did i get it for and so on.

the reason behind why i mentioned thats its the first is i asked both agencies the one in the capital of my country and the one in Dubai they both mentioned that this is the first aside with other srt8's

they mentioned two with mineral grey, one black and three silvers and none in deep cherry.

anyway to tell you the experience i first drove it out of the recovery truck.

it was just amazing the scent, the radio there are no sounds no squeeks no NOTHING

the car is just perfect, im considering the clear bra on the body since the heat here in july is just unbearable -.-

my friend is the owner of the capital agency and he got his hands on the first black SRT8

and i was the second SRT8 in the country but the first silver out !

i will take photos once it gets back from the shop.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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