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  1. WK2 SRT8 Wheels & Tires
    For anyone interested or looking for options, this is my setup and confirmed to be issue free. From the wheel fitment perspective, a 20x9 inch wheel will fit provided the offset is correct. The factory WK2 SRT 20x10 wheels have a 50mm offset. The wheels I went with are the Trackhawk replica...
  2. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Hi Guys, I a set of Original SRT Rims for Sale. Rims are 18 inch and as per photos. Tyres are Mickey Thompson P305/35R20. Tyres are as new. $2500 obo. If interested please make offer by PM.
  3. WK2 SRT8 Wheels & Tires
    Hey guys, recently I've been researching and searching for some wheels and tires to put on my car and I stumbled across a pair that I really like but I'm not sure if they will fit. I have a 2020 Jeep SRT. I am ordering from KOW Performance and on their site it says the wheels are compatible...
  4. WK1 Wheels & Tires Discussion
    Hi Everyone, Been looking everywhere for a set of Center caps to fit my 2007 GCSRT8. I know there was 2 vendors that sold them with SRT logos in black but it appears they are both shut down. I don't have the original JEEP center caps either so I can't paint them but I was wondering if anyone...
  5. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    18 in F Sport wheels 255/55R18 Blizzak tires tpms $400 Pick up only Long Island, NY
  6. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Iso, Lexani 22x10 I cracked a wheel beyond repair. I'm having trouble locating a new/used one...specs are Lexani 22x10, +25, 5x127. Any info on locating one would be much appreciated.
  7. WK2 SRT8 Wheels & Tires
    I'm looking for wheels for some 17" or 18" Drag Radials for my trackhawk. Pretty sure I have the same brakes as the WK2 SRT8 in the rear, so recommendations welcome!
  8. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Recently traded my 2016 Grand Cherokee SRT, Trying to clean out the garage. tires sold. One spider monkey wheel with curb rash. it has been some what repair and painted (could not match black chrome) but its not perfect. there is still couple spot with noticeable damage. over all a great...
  9. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a replacement wheel for a 2007 Grand Cherokee SRT8. Size is 20"x9" with a 34.75" offset. New or Re-manufactured (no welds). No replicas as I already have one in a shopping cart ready for purchase if all else fails. Thanks, Happy SRT8'n Holidays!!!
  10. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Hello all, I recently purchased a new factory wheel and tire for my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Red Vapor Edition that I need to sell. I had to sell the vehicle unfortunately and get something more practical. The wheel and tire were purchased as a spare as I made many long trips through rural...
  11. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I have a set of good condition chrome srt8 wk1 wheels for trade. I am looking for black replica wheels and cash, or black srt8 wheels (and cash either way depending on condition) chrome wheels were plasti dipped most of their life which will come off without issue. some very minor scuffs and...
  12. WK1 Wheels & Tires Discussion
    Hi fellow Jeep SRT8 owners, I just bought my first (used) 2009 Jeep SRT8 (sliver/gray) and plan to drive it in the winter and need to get a winter kit going. So far I leaning towards 4x 20x9 replica wheels (dark gray) with 255/45/20 tires. If anyone else has a winter kit for their Jeep SRT8...
  13. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Selling the SRT8 and have a Diablo Trinity for sale. Comes with CD, cables, and unit. Text me at 702-376-5619 if interested. Thanks! Has everything except the box. Asking $480 plus shipping. Will be available next week I have set of stock OEM GY runflats off of my 08 SRT8. Look to have at...
  14. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    full set OEM non-alcoa stamped from my 06. no TPMS TIRES: nittos420s 255/285 fronts worn on the inner tread, passenger has a screw/nail rears are about 60-70% tread LOTS of curb rash previous owner did it, not me. 3 rims are supposedly bent, I know one is bent for sure. Driver rear looses air...
  15. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    $1000 located in philly pa rims are factory with center caps no tpms sensors or tires and have no curb rash will get pics up ASAP but do have some on my phone so if you inbox me your number I can send them to you
  16. WK1 Wheels & Tires Discussion
    Installed my new shoes over the weekend. I love the ride what a HUGE! difference....The tires were really tested these past days in NYC rained over 6 inches and the traction was great with the VRED'S..... Goodyear Runflats are garbage! The condition of my front runflats were very bad and...
1-16 of 16 Results