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  1. WK1 Engine Performance/Supercharger/Turbo/Nitrous
    I have a 2006 that I sold my 426 out of to a guy who has a 2008. He's noticing some differences in sensors. Water Temp Sensor, Oil Temp Sensor and Crankshaft Position Sensor. I haven't had a chance to look. Will this be an issue or can we swap the sensors and be ok with it. Biggest...
  2. WK2 SRT8 Intake/Exhaust Discussion
    This is buried in another one of my threads, but I figured I'd start a new thread with the info. I've seen a lot of talk about CAI intake temps and here is the Bwoody's. The temps were taken after a 15 minute cruise down a back country road. I pulled off in an empty lot and took some...
1-2 of 2 Results