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  1. WK2 SRT8 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / D
    Having a problem with my 2017 whereby there is a tug or slip or jerk in the low gears only under acceleration. Started at about 120,000 km. I hesitate to call it a clunk because it doesn't make that much noise. It only happens once in each gear and very obvious from 1-3 and less obvious as the...
  2. WK1 General Performance Discussion
    I am needing some help figuring out if the belt is slipping or whats going on with my Jeep. I have a P1 head and a 3.4 pulley. I am also running the ati 17% harmonic balancer. I am also running the gates K061140HD belt. Is this to long of a belt for my setup? I also have a coated 3.2 pulley i...
  3. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    To make a very long story short I was literally forced to put a set of 245/40 R 20's on the front, and 255/45 R 20's on the rear 2 days ago. Now, under just about any acceleration the TCS engages and cuts the throttle. It's an easy bypass with either the TCS button or my Diablo tuner but has...
  4. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    Today and on one previous occassion, while doing a very aggressive launch I heard a metalic grinding like sound just before shifts. At part throttle nothing-just smooth shifts. Tranny fluid was checked today and all is good. Drove around for about 20 min and tried another launch and nothing.
1-4 of 4 Results